Nope, Meh, Not At All.

Nah, I don't like him. Never have, never will. I actually absolutely hate him, his side of the family, the cousins I have because of him, every single little thing about him.

I hate you "father," for more reasons than you could ever understand. But you're the reason, I am the way I am. To be better than you, in every little way possible. >:(

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I got away. I moved. He is still on my facebook and email, but at least I am in a different state now. Whew. *hugs*

Meh... see my dad never wanted kids, he's a workaholic, I think he's disappointed that I'm not one and likes to use the excuse that it's because I have ADHD (of course my best friend has ADHD and he's a genius), has no emotions and doesn't understand them, conservative but thinks he's liberal,. complains that I drink too much but then offers me a beer, treats me like his maid then complains he's unappreciated, always has something to say, has a PH.D. in guilt trips, tries to buy my happiness than complains of money problems, always has to be right.... petty little things for the most part but they really add up after years of living alone with the guy. At least we know we're not alone... *hugs*

I don't like my father or any one on his side of the family either. Yes... to be better than him, in every little way possible.