She Makes Me Want To Kill Her.

She is my flatmate. We've been friends for almost 5 years before finally moving in together. She's a slob, at least in her room. When she enters mine, she never closes the door when she leaves. She doesn't ask if she should come in or not either. If my partner was to be here she'd probably just pop in and not even have the guts to bloody knock. I can't believe how she LIVES. I clean up after her ALL THE BLOODY TIME. She uses my kitchen tools and doesn't clean them up after using them. Recently she used my little grater for her vegetables and didn't clean it up for 3 (!) weeks. I didn't clean it up and just put it on her shelf, hoping she would get the more than obvious hint. She didn't. One day, I was going to get the rubbish out. Something was making a weird sound in there, so I checked and found my grater. She just put it in the bloody rubbish because she was too lazy to clean it up! SHE MAKES ME WANT TO BLOODY KILL HER!!!!

I could never tell her. I don't want the trouble. We HAVE to live together for the next 4-5 years so I'm not going to freak out and have a horrible mood all the time in here. Apart from how she acts in the flat she's a good person and we often cook/eat together and watch a good film. But she really does freak me out. SHE. DRIVES. ME. INSANE.
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Aug 15, 2010