Who Needs Friends.

About the last 6 months i've been isolating myself from my "friends".   I've been friends with these people for nearly 20 years.  They just don't seem to be what i need in my life anymore. One has recently gotten with an ex of mine which really doesn't bother me I just don't think that's what friends do.  I do visit once in awhile but when i do they all tell me stories of what what the other thinks i am doing. For instance,  I went fising and my friend showed up and we were talking and he stated that the other one thought i was talking to his wife behind his back, which isn't true.  I havn't confronted him about it, i don't think i will.  It just seems like they are stuck in a little teen girls world.  I just really don't need that.  Hopefully i can move soon so i don't have to see them ever again.
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I know right! I wish people could just be less conniving and more convivial.<br />
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Hope you feel better soon!

I feel totally the same! Although, I haven't been friends with these people as long, only a few months. But I thought I really liked them, but now they just frustrate me. All they talk about is trivial stuff that's really not interesting or funny. <br />
But I figured, Im okay with my lifestyle. I don't mind if I have very few close friends. This sounds a bit lame, but I'm really close to my sisters, and best friend. I guess the important thing is to find someone, anyone, that you can talk to and let things out to. After all, that's what friends are really for :) Hope you feel better soon.