My Friends All Think I'm Just A Cool Guy To Hang Out With If No Ones Else Is Doing Anything.

Basically I have been friends with a certain group of people since my freshmen year and it was all fine and dandy till about 2 years ago. I mean I really do like them all but they are all so pretentious and think they are better then everyone else. When we go out to lunch or go to a party they will start to talk about philosophy or their particular view of reality and exclude everyone else from their talk. Who the hell knows what a hypersphere is? They don't know how to live in the moment and relax. They always have to talk about what they want to do in college, also being a year younger than all them and still in high school doesn't help. I just want them to shut up, stop being douche bags and buy their "Best Friend" a ******* birthday present! I don't care if your broke, I don't want anything AMAZINGLY expensive or anything. I just want a ******* card to say hey thanks for being my friend your getting old. I don't understand how they can go through life claiming to be best friends with people while not accepting that I want to do other stuff than sit in their house playing Dungeons and Dragons on a saturday night. I blame them for me not being able to get out and meet people. And it's not that I couldn't just get up and leave but why would I make them upset? They were after all my Friends...

Muddyhands Muddyhands
18-21, M
Mar 7, 2010