They're Just So...mean..

I'm not saying 'oh poor me' or anything, I kinda feel guilty sometimes that I don't like them.. But I just don't.. Well I only have four friends or so, and I only dislike two of them.. One, that I've known since I was really little acts like I have to be her BEST friend because we've known for a long time and acts like she knows so much about me, and like she owns me.. It gets really.. annoying I guess.. I don't want to be branded as her best friend is what I'm trying to say that and, she's really mean to me a lot.. like.. she pulls my hair, punches me, kicks me and just hurts me all the time I get bruises almost every week... The other one.. well hates me. She's blackmailed me, she always talks really mean about me behind my back with my other friend, (I know this because I've heard her do it) doesn't let me be who I am at all. Like If I say almost anything she says I'm just trying to be cool or something like that. Sorry If I'm Dragging on about this. And she always stops being my friend then makes me apologize for stupid stuff like saying I'm not acting cool, and when I say this to her, I'm not rude about it at all I just say 'Look, I don't really know where you're getting this idea, but I'm not trying to act cool, nor do I think I'm cool, so will you please stop saying that?' then she yells at me and walks away stops being my friend, then in like a day or two she says 'Stella, I wanna be friends, but it's really hard when you're always acting like such a ******* ***** so will you please just suck it up and apologize?' I mean, I feel like we're in fourth grade for god's sake. I don't know.. I might be crazy. Sorry I made my story so long..
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thanks for the advice. that kinda sounds fun

It sounds to me like these people aren't really your friends. Kick their butts to the curb! You'll feel better.<br />
They don't deserve you, obviously.