Who Is He To Me ? Husbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnddddddddddd

i dont known whether i love my husband or not he is a tricky fellow i am living with 3 criminals one is my husband the head of all criminals , his mother and father. my husband needs my salary he always think that i am giving my salary to my parents they crossed their 60's . he always fight with me for my salary . he is money minded . he never spent me a single paise for me but some time he will talk with me as if he is the best husband in the world . most of the time he will think that he is not fit for me. both in status and beauty. most of the time he will fight with me and used to cry loudly so that his parents will involve in our fight ad make it too worse he is good at blaming me for all the bad happenings around him his mother always find chance for creating problems for me .he insisted me in aborting my first child bcz he got afraid that i will leave my job by showing pregnancy as a reason. he is clever and a tricky fellow and he stopped buying house hold things so that I will suffer for food when i am pregnant atlast when I asked about the happenings he normally said that i should have my food in hotels he is cunning but even he did all those things to me I dont like to divorse him , start from the first day he was asking my salary for paying his credit card bills . still now i dont known what he purchased in that credit cards if I ask any thing he will automatically act as if i am quaralling with him and his parents will start fighting with me and used to abuse me with bad words . C husband is the one who should be like a father when she needs protection and should act as a eldery son when she needs care. he should show only his love and should not scold her sibblings be like a husband and dont show your criminal face
prijes prijes
Dec 18, 2012