Can Someone Help Me??! Please!

I feel like my life is going down. I been with my husband for 4 years and have a 2 year old son, for two years we were leaving with them they were a pain literally they always wanted for us to do everything they did for example if me and my husband had plans with our friends and if his parents had other plans we had to go with them why? I dont know! They wanted to still have him in control or both of us in control, sometimes when we would go see my parents they would get upset ! I hated that, this went on for about a year. I wasnt able to cook cause we had to eat what his mother cooked and if we didnt then she would get mad cause we wouldnt eat her food. I went with all this for long time but it got worser! They wanted to shower my son take him everywhere which i didnt mind but there was a point were i coundnt take it anymore. Everytime I wanted to shower my son they would take him from me and they would do it i would pick up the clothes for him to wear and they would picked different ones and ignore my opinions on my son! Sometimes we wanted to go out me my husband and son like to the park or mall or other places they would tell us stuff like if we went to the mall " oh no dont take him out its to cold or its too hot outside"! and sometimes we wouldnt but they had no problem them taking him out no matter how cold or hot it was it was fine for them to take him out! this countinue to happen until I started to get anxiety attacks several times because of their actions or discussions i had with my husband because of his parents we almost had a divorce! I just couldnt enjoy my 1st child i couldnt do anything!!! His dad told him to get a divorce and that they would take my son from me! That was the advice they had for him! I got really mad and told him that my son was my life and that the only way to take him from me he had to kill me first and told him that if he really love me and wanted to be with me and our son he would follow me and he did we moved out and rented a home. His parents would say that i took his son away from them and i never told them to not go visit us or call us even thou i wasnt to happy i told them that they were welcome in my house anytime but they had so much pride that they wouldnt talk to his own son for like 7 -8 months they wouldnt even go see there grandson, we invited them for my sons birthday party they didnt go not even a call. But, Those 7 8 months were the best i enjoy been with my son his just my world and joy i love him so much and i love my life! But now my husband wants to give them another chance !
ilovemyson1 ilovemyson1
22-25, F
Jul 14, 2012