When Will I Get Over This..

When my husband and i first got together, we didn't have any problems either with his family or mine; they liked me; i liked them; they always gave joe a hard time, never letting him use the phone; never letting him see me in which his only choice was to ride his bike to see me (since he didnt have his license or a car at the time) So, they always made our relationship hard by making it hard for us to see eachother. So we have always known what its like not to be with eachother all the time. After I gave birth to our first child Joe was already gone (he left for his program a month prior) thats when things REALLY went down. They gave me a hard time about EVERYTHING i was NEVER a good enough mom, i never mothered my son correctly. and i usually went over once a week, if i missed my weekly visit they ran and told my husband that i wasnt bringing him over, and bitched at him for hours about me not bringing our son to see them. Which caused alot of arguing between us. Because of all the tension they were springing upon the both of us. it was really getting out of hand. then i found out maria (my mother in law) was talking so much **** behind my back about how im a hagler (my maiden name) not a cole (my married name) i am the worst mother. and on and on about how much im not apart of that family. I was then fully finished with bringing braydon over to see them EVER again. So of course everybody probably wants me dead right now, but i feel i needed to stop letting them control our lives and step up to the plate. Now, Leann which is my brother-in-laws fiancee bumped into my mom at walmart right? she had the nerve to tell my mom "oh well havent seen braydon and sarah wont answer her phone when i call please tell her to call me" it's like NO ****! hasnt she gotten the clue i DONT WANT THEM TO SEE MY SON!? it infuriates me! so now i work across from Leann, and im dreading seeing her. because she gets into when are they gonna see braydon. and i need to stand my ground STILL but i guess i dont have the heart to say NO YOU CANT SEE HIM. i just am too warm-hearted. But i refuse to let them walk on me and ruin the marriage that i have because they are back-stabbers it's just not fair. So of course when i go to work i'm going to be thinking, oh gosh what if she comes in here.. and it's going to drive me crazyy! i need help in getting help and assurance that they can't control my life, because they have controlled the relationship me and joe had before he left. she got in the middle of all of our relationship conflicts or just our buisness period.  I just can't get over this. I just want them all out of my life and just to leave me, my husband and our son alone. why does that have to be so much to ask!?

Braysmama0630 Braysmama0630
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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Thats understandable the way you feel. Your a parent now and you only want whats best for your child. My inlaws have such double standard it makes me sick. They live double standards and I dread going for visits. I'm glad we live far away from them. It makes it allot easier.x