I Don't Have a Good Reason to Go to My Job Everyday!

I started this job just over a month ago and have spent each moment while there wondering why I had settled for such a demeaning existence in a call centre. For those unfamiliar with such a job as I was before entering into this employment, it is a site where one sits in an open office and continually answers calls concerning technical support, customer relations or accounts receivables, etc. I wondered where my dignity has gone when I have settled for such a demeaning existence...

I had posted in a blog, the experience of my first few weeks in training - I thought it was horrible then, but I didn't have a full understanding of what was really taking place. Training is not just learning the company's policies, procedures and product knowledge, it's about breaking down all independent thought and re-training to become 'one of the herd'. A call centre lures one in under the guise of 'customer service' but the skills that get one recognized are very rarely dependent upon the professional way that one resolves the customer's concerns, but about 'adherence'.

Adherence refers to 1) attendance; 2) sell/pitch a product; 3)average call handle time; 4)  one-call resolution vs number of transfers (pawning off the responsibility); 5) average hold time (how long a customer is put on 'hold'); and 6) after-call time (amount of time it takes to record detailed notes about the call after caller has disconnected). As I have come to realize just as I am finishing my training that customer service isn't a factor when it comes to evaluating the quality of my calls. In fact, it doesn't matter how 'nice' I am to the customer, as long as I resolve the issue quickly and sell them a product as well!

To make matters worse, I found out today (02.27.09) that all 'new hires' start their schedules on the production floor scheduled in the evening shift. To make matters worse, there is no flexibility when it concerns personal matters. This disturbs me since I am a single mother and now must face the fact that I will not see my children because I am NOT at work when the are NOT at home - in essence, I am paying someone else to raise my children. I also have a doctor's appointment scheduled in the near future and I am afraid to ask for the time off for fear of 'not sticking to adherence' - I could get fired if this happens often enough!

So, I am looking for a reason to remain employed here. I accepted the job for the sake of my children - they are dependent upon me (and only me) to provide for them. After five weeks, it seems that 'providing' for my children is costing me more when it's left in the hands of someone else (ie. nanny, babysitter, daycare, etc) and I don't just mean in a financial sense either. It's taken it's toll on us as a family when we no longer have quality time together and to me that's a big price to pay.

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Okay, turns out that the company in which the call centre hired me for has pulled out...As of May 1, most of those last hired were laid off...

My best friend is a single mother and she works at a daycare with her son. He gets to go to the daycare for free and although they are not in the same room, she can still check in on him during the day. If working at a daycare does appeal to you, you could try working at a school as a teacher's assistant. Many schools and LIU schools have teacher's assistant positions for people as long as you have your high school diploma or a GED. Also just keep looking in your local paper or online job source. You only get one life...so keep looking for job that you will be able to provide for your family and also not hate...(easier said than done...) Good Luck!

Sad, but true, the position is always filled before I am in need of it...which is why I had ended up working here in the first place!<br />
<br />
But, I am going to have to quit, I can't take it anymore. I've been throwing up each morning beforehand because of the stress. It's been causing headaches, too. Job vs. Health? Health wins...

I would definitely start looking for another job in your spare time!!<br />
I know exactly how you feel because when I was a CNA I had the same problem of hating my job. I still dont' have a job I love, but I got lucky and landed in a job I have now because of someone I met at one of my jobs. <br />
Keep looking and let people know you are looking so that if anything comes up, they can let you in on it and recommend you for the position. You wouldn't believe how often it happens that people struggle to find someone for a job opening and they can't and then you'll find out about it AFTER they filled it.