When I thought I had seen & heard everything..then something else ridiculous happens which makes you realize you haven't............

Got to work this morning..found all 3 colleagues, who were supposed to be off,huddled in a group by the door, apparently the one who had duty yesterday could not get in yesterday morning. The door had a card swipe system and also an 'overide' key system for emergencies. When she got there yesterday morning she discovered that a blind lock had appeared in the key hole, which meant her key wouldn't go in and her card didn't work, so she completed her shift sat on a bench outside ( ! ) She made the executive decision not to call anyone out, with it being sunday...but at 6am this morning she called the others in, hence the not-so-welcoming committee stood outside this morning! They all appeared to think that my card would work, despite the fact that all 3 of theirs didn't...needless to say it didn't ! So then they stood there puzzling what to dowailing "oh what we gonna do..how we gonna get in" to which I replied a bit sharly we could either hold a senance or call the locksmith out......anyway....one bright idea was.."well, we COULD try picking at the lock"( yeah right, see you christmas eve when you're finished) the next equally splendid idea was "well we COULD try sliding a credit or bank card down the lock" (wonderful ! then you won't be able to get any money out the bank, cos your card will be wrecked..) I suggested callng out a locksmith....."yes" they all wailed "but its gonna take hours and you have to get in there now cos there's some important calls coming in" so I noticed some workmen nearby, one came down with a handy crow bar..broke the door, my colleagues stood with shocked faces..so I said..we're in...! The locksmith was ordered, the colleagues went back home, someone from admin turned up...decided that it is against regulations to work with a broken door..(wtf) and closed up for the day..so much for important calls...


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9 Responses May 7, 2012

OMG!! Hmmm and just what is the IQ of this group? I did, however, totally enjoy the crowbar - my first choice of handy tools! ***grins at the Diamond lady*** You are a class act!!

Oh My.... You have some not so bright coworkers. I think we all have some like that!

Love this - these type of stories amuse me.

Honestly Izzy you have to see it to believe don't you ? lol<br />
As someone once said to me "They walk amongst us" and you know what.......they really do !

That was a really good song too, just my Dad's kind of thing... who sang it?

I'm sorry, I just thought this was hilarious! Not for you obviously but for me... very good reading and it totally made up for my own personal door fiasco the other day :o)

Sparkles knows how to get things done! I would love to have seen the looks on their faces! Those green eyes of yours must have shone like emeralds on fire! Hey, I like that, a Diamond with inlaid emeralds...wow, you're all kinds of precious gems!

Really annoying but at least you had a day off! ;-)

yes, extremely irritating SD ... I think I would have strangled someone!