Work With A Crazy Person.

Does anyone else work with someone who is downright nuts? I employ someone who always does everything wrong, then tries to get her coworkers in trouble for everything they do wrong. She is sweet as can be & goes above & beyond sucking up to me, then talks bad about me behind my back. She tells me every good deed she has done 15 times per day, even though these "good deeds"
are her job. She cries every time I look at her sideways or disagree with her. She thinks everyone is out to get her. She picks fights with people and then expects me to save her. Goes above my head with stuff to the point that upper management has had to tell her to knock it off. I could go on & on. It's unbearable.

Blueastral Blueastral
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Fire her, I'm looking for work.


True, but with today's litigious society and the fact that we have a union, it's not easy to do. Oh, how I would love to fire her though. I sometimes daydream about it. Lol