Why I Am Moving On.

I am 35 and live at home but this has got to stop. I can't really hold a job through no fault of my own really. I've had bad back problems since I was 17 and didn't want to go on disability so I've been trying to hold down a job with no success until I just gave up and filed for disability. In the meantime my mother has decided to play the victim. She got sick because she wouldn't take care of herself. She has diabetes and would eat pixie sticks (Paper tubes of flavored sugar) like she didn't have it at all because she could. So she ended up in the hospital where of course she doesn't tell them she was shoving sugar down her own throat so they run all these tests to find out what happened. She had gone into the hospital after having blood sugar 400 and above all day despite only drinking water and throwing up everything and then some. Well one of the tests for her heart caused her to have a stroke. Then she became dependent on me. Not just for little things here and there but for everything. I cook, clean, shop, run errands, do all this running around for her with little or no thanks. Then my dad has decided that he's disabled too and can't do a lot but he has knee problems. Then you have my brother. He has a full time job, paid off his car and has no bills but he can't afford to chip in any money for food (he eats more than the rest of us), or utilities and he likes to think he can call the shots around here and mom just lets him.

Now mom loved to do laundry so guess who's stuck with it now. I get a whole 100 a MONTH to wash and iron clothes for this kid who would wear them straight out of the dryer otherwise because he's that lazy. To work he wears boxers, undershirts, a tee shirt, work pants and a uniform jacket that have to be cleaned and ready or he throws a fit. Then he tries to make stupid decisions about the house but does NOTHING for the house. He doesn't throw out the trash, does the yard once a month if my mom stays on him about it, and very little else. My mom's excuse well he works. So? She had just told me that people work 8 hours a day and come home to do the cooking/cleaning etc and that I'm lucky I don't have to work. Okay what's his excuse? He's a guy? That should mean he actually does work not lays around on his lazy fat butt right?

So back to my mom. She's told me that if I ever get married my husband will beat me for not kissing his *** and making sure he's a man not a wuss with mommy issues for not cleaning up after him. I'm sorry but if my boyfriend has mommy issues that he can't clean up after himself why the hell would I marry him? I can't even go anywhere without 'permission' and her allowing me to go like I'm 13 not 35.

When I get my disability I'm moving out and they don't know why. I babysit for my sister and I know they're going to try and get me to go over there but I won't. Both hom and my sisters I will be expected to pay rent just like if I get my own place but here I won't get to do what I want or go where I want. There I will have to babysit and make my plans around them and the baby (Two weeks old) before I can do anything because why else am I there? I was paying her 400 a month when I worked, cleaned house, took care of her kids on my days off and all sorts of stuff and she had fits if I went with my friends. I can get an apartment baby sit until they get home and then go home myself. I will have personal space, freedom and peace of mind that I won't lose because of them.

Oh and why this is in the I hate my mom. She's never once given a damn about me. When I'd go to my sisters before she'd tell me just to go, she hates me, she doesn't care if I came back etc. She's told me that she can't wait until I move out. Oh and we talked about me needing a vacation which then turned into oh we should take a vacation. I know she's waiting for my back pay so I can take her on vacation. Why would I pay for someone who hates me to enjoy herself. If we go anywhere I never get to do anything. We went to the casino for her enjoyment and I get to sit around because heaven forbid if she's left by herself. Even when ever seat near her was taken and she knew I couldn't stand she selfishly sat there for over half an hour. Normal people who even just care about someone doesn't do crap like that. Everyone claims she loves me but I want to know what the hell she's feeding them because anyone with half a brain can see the mental abuse. Only thing stopping her from hitting me is because she knows I'd knock her on that lazy butt of hers and wouldn't stop. I hate her that much and I can honestly say I do NOT love her and will dance with happiness when she dies. I don't care if it makes me a bad person but when someone hates you as much as she hates me it gets you there. My friend who was adopted was treated the same way by her dad but I take after both sides of the family or I'd wonder. Mom's also mean enough to tell me if I was because she knows it would hurt me or I'd leave and never look back.
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