I Hate Her!!!

I just can't stand here! She calls me a hoe and *****. For no reasons at all! Se treats my lil sis like a princess but she treats me like dirt! She's like a ***** I mean it!!!!!
EleanorVan EleanorVan
2 Responses Nov 1, 2012

I totally know how u feel whatever i do i get in trouble for and all of my friends know it they want to go out after school but i keep telling them my parents cant know because my mom is mad at me.one time one of my friends said that your mom is always mad at you. If i do something she doesnt like but cantexactly punish me for she will punish me for the things that i did before that day and she doesnt listen or respond to me when i tell her any of this she even calls me a *****. However my sister never gets in trouble one time she denied repeatedly about taking away/stealing my dads ipod touch and oof course they all thought that it was me and finally she confessed and my mom didnt do anything about it because "she needs to learn to trust us and tell her the truth " even though when i confess sometging she smacked me with my hairbrush!

I'm sorry you're having problems with your mom. That's not right to call you names. Have you ever told her how you feel? That you don't like it when she calls you names? Or that you think you're being treated unfairly compared to your sister? I hope you can work things out with her.