If All Else Fails...

...at least your first and last name don't rhyme and alliterate.

I've never liked my name it all. It's neither my first name or my last name that I don't like, it's the combination of both. My last name contains all of the consonant and vowel sounds that my first name has, in the same order, plus more, only extended into 4 syllables. AND they rhyme. My name would probably be well-suited to a joker cartoon character.

I'm not going to put my name up on here because (a) the astronomically miniscule chance that someone I have met in real life could read this post and identify me, and (b) it's that embarassing.

Like, I never introduce myself by my full name unless I actually have to. I feel like whenever someone reads my name or it is mentioned out loud, people are probably laughing inside. My friends are always like "it's not really that bad" but seriously, they can't talk because they all have normal/bearable names.

And, because my last name is on my retainer, I can't help but think of my nasty retainer anytime I hear/think of my last name. Uggh.

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5 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Ooh I know someone like that. Obviously, I'd never share the name, but the first name had two syllables with stress on the first and the last name had three syllables with stress on the second, so you can kind of imagine that perfect cadence for mocking. He was like drop dead gorgeous though so he didn't get picked on so much as recognized.

Yes, but I'm already extremely unique as I am...

Maybe having an "odd" name makes you unique. You have thought of it that way?

Yeah, it sucks! I have felt like, my whole life, many people have not taken me seriously and even "belittled" me because I have a funny name. Even my first name alone sounds like a pet's name. I've met (briefly) two other people in my life with my same first name. Though most people I meet say I'm the only person they've ever met or heard of with my name.<br />
<br />
Other than that I think that because I already am very unique and don't fit in with most people, having a strange name strongly accentuates this. I truely think that if I was just another Nicole/Emily/Rachel/Michelle/Heather I would probably have been more confident without the extra dimension of having an odd name.

That's so funny. It sucks to have the words that, in essence, represent who you are to the world and often to yourself, be words that you hate. Now I'm so curious to know what your name is lol.