I'm A Dissapointment.

my parents make me feel useless. they call me useless and they call me ungrateful. my father and mother always tease me, even my sick grandmother does at times but mostly my dad. he makes fun of me for having pimply skin at times and being tall or too skinny and having damaged hair, and they all criticize my hair :/ I like it, love it, but they make me feel bad about it ;( I get As and Bs but my parents are never proud :/ only if I have all As and then even if I did they'd say why don't you have an A plus :/ I can never make them proud of me no matter what I do with myself and honestly I'm tired of trying :'(
shalalalalalalalala shalalalalalalalala
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

People always say just neglect them, and true to yourself, but sometimes it's hard to get rid of their comments even though in the bottom of your heart you know it's not right, i personally like tall and skinny people :) i really can't see why people tease such a perfect body *0*Once i tried to ignore my parents' comments, but it doesn't work very well, my mum always said i looked sad and she said i would never be happy, that hurt me deeply, until i left my home i found myself is actually quite an optimistic person :p Having regular gatherings with supporting friends help!My dad used to tease me and make fun of me as well, so my relationship with him is not very close, i won't disclose anything personal to him, lucky that he does not speak a lot.Hardships and experiences shape people, i truly believe that, we become ourselves and become much stronger and courageous to get control of our lives. Because of my parents, i think i am more empathetic to people that are disabled and being bullied, my heart goes out to them when people said disrespectful comments to them. Everything happens for a reason, the reason is to make you stronger and become a more understanding person :)