All my life, I was always known as Gemma Smith.

But my real name is Gemma Hawthorne. Not a lot of people know this.... no-one ever asks and plus I don't like the constant questions about why I have always been named Smith and not Hawthorne.

I was given my Dad's last name at birth (Hawthorne) then my parents split up not long after my brother was born. She was going to fill in the paper work for me and my brother to take on her maiden name (Goulding) but she couldn't afford it. Then she got remarried to my step-Dad (Smith) when I was 2, who I thought was my real Dad up until I was 16.

I needed my birth certificate to enrol in college and that's when my Mum told me that Smith is not my real Dad. Biological Dad or not, he's always been there for me.

I'm not fond of the name Gemma Smith, I prefer Gemma Hawthorne plus one of my favorite anime characters has the last name Hawthorne. But I know my Mum wouldn't be happy about taking 'the-father-that-abandoned-me' last name.
Gemz2411 Gemz2411
22-25, F
Aug 29, 2014