I Dont Like My Sister In Law...

13 YEARS OF HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My sister n law is a pain in the ***!  She drives me NUTS!!!!
She is 32 and has 3 kids..14, 12, 3 and has hardly taken care of them since birth. I don't even know where to begin.

I met this family when my sister married her husband in 1990. Then 8 yrs later I married my sister's husbands brother....

They have a sister named CLR...She has lived with her parents most of the time she was married to her 2 husbands. Her parents NEVER made her take responsibility for ANYTHING. My In laws are now moving to Florida to escape their big mistake.

I am SO FED UP with her fake seizures and her taking enough drugs/over the counter meds to make her parents feel like she's trying to commit suicide to get sympathy and her own way(from having to watch her kids)...With her kids there to watch. They buy every word she says hook, line and sinker.

They told her to find a place to live before they moved or they were finally going to call Child Protection Services....so they would know the grandkids would have a place to live before they moved. She didn't find a place so they got their landlord to let their daughter live in the house they are moving out of. They paid her Damage Deposit(knowing that money was their relocation/retirement money to Florida). But if she gets evicted...My In Laws are liable for the remainder of the lease payments.STUPID IDIOTS....
She has NEVER shown responsibility....Why would she now???

Because she and her kids have always lived with grandparents they don't know who to answer to...Being mom is bed(all the time)they ask grandparents...Then mom gets mad sometimes that they were allowed to do stuff.

My nephew/niece are so spoiled...My nephew supposedly cut himself with a knife and chased his mom around with it...bcz he couldn't get a ride to a friend's house.
Well she lost custody of her kids to their fathers and now lost the house her parents fought to help her live in, claiming she had a seizure and the landlord evicted her while she was in hospital(ER)~I believe the law in every state is the landlord has to give 30 days notice of eviction. Then my InLaws drive back from Florida and got her stuff out of the house so they can get their money back. She moved into a motel and within a month she calls asking for a ride home from ER bcz she broke her pinky toe.PLZ.....Then within 2 weeks she calls again and asks for a ride to a woman's shelter out of town bcz  'she was attacked' and her leg is broken and her tongue was half missing from someone 'breaking into her motel room', PLZ
Now she wrote me saying I have successfully alienated her from her brother/my husband bcz I told her not to call here asking for help bcz we are barely making ends meat and can't help and if I helped anybody it would be my oldest adult daughter, not her. told her that this family here comes first.
I wrote her this on fb:
We don't have the money to help you....we barely make ends meat around here. barely have food on the table or gas in JEEP. If I was going to help someone out it wouldn't be you...it would be my daughters; Lyndsey who is seriously trying to get her life on track by going to college and staying clean....and I can barely help her thanks to the economy.
Steve may be your brother but he's also my husband!!! Our family here comes first.
She wrote me back this:
 get over yourself. I am tired of being treated in the way you are. You really do need some help. Think therapy. Hatred is dangerous for the soul and the heart. And I have never asked for money. But, in your world..maybe you think I have. Enough of this. You have successfully alienated Steve from everyone he cares about. Congratulations. I hope you can live your little angry world in peace. -CLR

I replied:
CLR~  I'm not a bit angry. I explained we don't have the MONEY, to put gas in the JEEP for him to cart your butt where you need to go. SORRY but we don't. That is what I meant!!!
We pay our bills when we get paid and have no money til I get support. Our gas is to get us where we need to go ourselves til we get more money. I would help our daughters out before you. Big Deal. My KIDS should come first, DUH.
As for Steve he has your number, he can call you anytime. If you knew your brother NO ONE CONTROLS HIM...PERIOD!!!
So as for you calling here, I don't care if you need to talk. We just cannot afford to help you out. THAT'S IT!!
So go ahead try to belittle me, I don't care. I'm used to it.

This chick accused her brother/my husband, when he was a teenage 'that he tried to rape her'; please....There is no way.
She took her son to a teen hang out and then drove home to call police and state her son was a runaway.

I am FAR from perfect but geez....Nowhere near this!
pettyfan67 pettyfan67
Jul 27, 2010