My Ex Sister In Law From Hell

Along with the ex from hell, I was reminded this week that apart from her being the sister in law from hell when we were married, she is now the ex-sister in law from hell, she is a bully, a liar, a coward and a truly evil person.

My ex used to tell me how her sister treated her, and she was brought to tears when she spoke about it, and now because I’m the “bad” ex-husband, she thinks that she can treat me the same way that she treats others, now she is a woman in her late forties, she is divorced, and has to grownup kids both in their twenties, she is also a grandmother, and the Aunt to my daughters.

And for nearly ten years she has had nothing to do with my ex, or my daughters, although she now seems to be back in their lives, and she was there with her in court earlier in the week.

Now I have a modest Facebook page, which I only started in case my daughters ever wanted to contact me, and I have only added several local friends, as I am not into the whole Facebook thing, that thing of just adding people to see how many “friends” you can get.

Anyway I got a message from the ex-sister in law from hell, the evening that I got home from court, she abused me and told me that my daughters hated me, I replied, but I did not buy into the abuse, I just told her that the girls were always happy when they were with me, and that others also knew that, I told her to acquaint herself with the facts, and in closing my message I told her how lucky I had been, that when they were born, not only did I become a dad, but I also had a little girl come up to me and ask me to be her dad too, then I wished her to take care and signed off the message.

The next morning there was another message from her, she was again abusive and calling me names, she tried to make the case that it had nothing to do with my ex, and that it was all the girls not wanting to see me,

I replied, “politely” pointing out that if she had been a decent sister why had she not been involved in my ex’s life or the lives of her nieces for nearly ten years, then I went on to point out that I would hardly take her word on anything as she was nothing more than a liar.

I told her that the court was aware that she had lied in her affidavit way back when we last went to court, I don’t know if she had ever faced any consequences for her lies, but I can remember, that after I gave my evidence, and provided the court with proof to support my version of a particular situation, the magistrate said that it does appear that Mr………. is telling the truth, and at the same time as she made that statement she gave an awful look at my ex and her Barrister.

I closed my message again and sent it off, and later that day she sent me another abusive message, saying some very vile and nasty things about me, it was quite a rant really, and the she ended her rant by saying that she going back to her more than five hundred friends, I noticed that she had also blocked me so that I could not reply, and on reflection she probably did me a favour doing that as I no longer had to put up with her contacting me, but I did copy all her messages and send them off to my solicitor, I have no idea what makes someone so full of hate and nastiness like that, but I will not join her in her hate filled ranting’s,

I have too much to live for, and hate is just so toxic.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Exactly what I say about my Sister In Law....for years she has caused trouble, tells lies and tries to turn people against me. I haven't even spoke to her for over 9 years and she still does it! Only spoke to my brother maybe once or twice in the last 6 years because he is an abusive drunk and I refuse to put myself in the position to be abused anymore. Although I do believe with all of my heart that his wife initiated it, and is behind all of it, he is still responsible for his own actions. I have never done anything to this woman except for years be kind, caring, generous. She has always now that I think about the past, tried to keep my brother alienated from all of his family. I remember going to their house years ago and her car would be in the driveway and you could hear someone inside walking around and she would not answer the door. The same with phone calls they were never returned. I am not the only family member on this side she has treated this way, but I get treated the worst since I only have two brothers and am the only girl. My brothers also are full siblings while I have a different father, however, we did grow up in the same home and I never did consider my brothers only my half brothers. Apparently they didn't think the same as me though. So my brothers stick together and do things together, they have for years and always leave me out. Now I refuse to speak to either one of them. Our mom passed a little over six years ago, and I was her only caregiver, not only did I take care of her and her property house and 2.5 acres, mowing, cleaning, tree trimming general handy man anything that has gone wrong I also have been taking care of my sick dad. This all started almost 15 years ago, mom was sick and then dad got sick and they needed help so I stepped up. No one has ever helped me with anything. Both brothers have tried to throw me under the bus (without going into long details), and get the house and property all to themselves. The would not help with anything or lift a finger but they want it all. My Sister In Law is known for this type of behavior she has taken others before and will continue to do so as long as she can get away with it. My brother is just as guilty, they work people and the system in any way they can. They are guilty of welfare fraud, disability fraud, ins. fraud and taking advantage of sick disabled people. Mom went to their house one time (she had dementia) and she wasn't there 12 hours and my brother was screaming and yelling where is all of her money! He wanted every dime she had and said he was going to get a lawyer to get it. They conned her into staying at their house and that lasted for about 3 weeks and she was begging and crying for me to please let her stay at my house. Mom had just got paid S.S. the day before she came to my house and she asked me to call my brother and ask him if she could get her money. I will never forget his reply...he said "tell her it is at the bottom of the fu***** swimming pool". That was his reply to his own mom for asking for her own money. The three weeks she was at their house all they did was clean her out, and even steal money out of her purse. They would call me and say, you gotta come give mom a shower, you gotta come watch mom because SIL has to go gambling gotta do Mom's laundry, and trim her nails etc....I was there doing all the work, not that I minded helping my mom I took care of her for years. It was just the fact that all she was to them was an ATM machine. My SIL could not tell the truth about anything everything she talks about is so exaggerated it is ridiculous. She fights with all her neighbors and whoever else she can keep the drama going with. Talk about Drama Queen, look it up in the dictionary and her picture is next to the definition! Well, this is only a short part of why I can't stand her or really don't want anything to do with my brother either. He can find someone else to cuss out and scream and yell at for no reason, other than his bit** wife put him up to it. I prefer to stay estranged, have to for my own sanity...Thanks for letting me vent...