My Story Part1

I cant say i hate her..i dont really know her..

It started, when i was sister was the youngest for 7yrs, then i came..i think, she was jelaous..she never liked me..then my brother was born..and they were both against me..worst 7 years of my life..she called me names..then she left in bording scool. I tough, it will be better. But no, she accted stupid there, she stayed at boys 'n stuff..My father was home beating ME, so i wouldnt became like her. When she was 16, she moved to boyfriend, and keep moving from one boy to another.

When she came home, we tried to talk, several times, but she always started to call me names again. Then we stoped talking completly. She came home like 5 times a year, and my parents said, that she only come for money. She was black sheep of the family..then things changed..

Sorry for my grammar.
craftgirl craftgirl
26-30, F
May 24, 2012