I Do Not Want Her Anymore

I am going to give a little back story. I did not grow up with my sister because my mom left and my dad gave me up. Anyways I moved in with my mom after spending many years in foster homes when I was 18 because my younger brother was out here and even in our fights we still get along pretty well. My brother and sister grew up together so they have this tight bound between them. My sister moved out here a month ago and flipped my whole house upside down. It started right away because we share a bedroom she thinks she can take my stuff with out asking. Asking her not to she still does it anyways even thow more then half of the stuff in my room I bought myself including my bedding which she ruined the very first day she was here with paint. My 21st birthday was a little ovr a week ago and because she wasnt the ccenter of attention she decided to throw a huge fit resulting in her getting her way a ruining my birthday. I could see this at age two but age fourteen its kind of ridiculous. My mom and I had pretty good relationship going and we were still in the process of building it up. My sister ruined that because now all my mom and I do is fight about her. I work full time as a nanny for my moms best friend who just had a baby in May and sometimes I need my moms help to get the baby calm but now that my sisters there she comes down with my mom and riles up the other two kids and will not listen to me because I am not her mom. She does not clean up after herself and gets mad at me every time I hide anything that's mine because she is disrespectful to all my things. She even goes far as to say I am glad I am not a bastard because our parents were not married when my brother and I were born but they were when she was. I am so sick of going through basically hell and coming out of it to just be pushed back in again. I wish she could go back to my dads and get away from me. She is really disrespectful and rude (she talks over people all the time and does not even give a care that someone was just talking I just want her gone or at least not by me
msmarie828 msmarie828
Sep 13, 2012