I don't like my younger sister she's a pain in the ***. Since she was born my life became a disaster and now she's older she became more of a pain that me and my cousin wants to sell. If only she wasn't born life would've been better.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Personally you sound like my older sister. Being five years apart, we really never had much in common and that continued into adulthood. I still love her, but as a person at times I really didn't like her which is OK. Even after she told tall tales about me to others which were not true, for whatever her reasons, I have forgiven her but she has lost my trust which is very important for one person to have for another to continue a relationship. When people cause a toxic relationship it is better to cut all ties or limit the amount of exposure you place yourself in.
In your case however, it sounds as though you are lacking even love for this individual which is not normal. You can love someone and not like them. It also sounds like there is a little bit of jealously for whatever reason and this could be due to your perceiving parents attention to the other sibling wrong. Although siblings may be raised in the same household, they grow up having completely different views, habits, life styles.
You need to look inside yourself for the answers and for whatever reasons you bear ill will, forgive otherwise it will harm you, not the other sibling.