My Twin Sister

I have an older twin sister who's only one minute older than I am. Because of this, she seems to try to prove that the older sibling is always going to be better than the younger sibling.

Whenever I draw or write, she points out every little flaw in my art and draws over it, usually in pen so I can't erase it. She usually does this whenever I'm least expecting it so I can't stop her.

My sister and I both have the same group of friends since we like the same things and are in the same grade, so whenever I hang out with my friends she always comes with me so I can't go anywhere without her.

Recently the subject of dating has come up in the circle of friends, my sister brags about the boyfriends she has dated and how far she has gotten. When my friends ask me about previous boyfriends, she butts in and tells everyone that I haven't even held hands with another boy or even hugged the opposite sex (besides cousins and my dad) Then she goes on and tells me all of my imperfections and insults everything that I do.

I'm trying to publish a book, and my sister deleted half of my story on the family computer and claimed one of the main characters as her own. My parents say this is normal for twins, I know several twins and they don't act like this at all. Also both of us are eighteen now, I would think we would be more mature...

She also thinks its funny to get my attention by hitting me on the head really hard or locking me out of the house. Once I went out to eat with a cousin and we told her if she gave us money we would get her something, she didn't so we left and we came back later and the door was locked and chained from the inside and she was pretending to be asleep on the couch. I had to break into my bedroom window to get back in. She blamed everything on me when my parents came home. Another thing my parents say is normal...

My sister steals my clothes and when I get them back they have holes and weird stains in them. I shop at Hot Topic so all of my clothes are expensive, I refuse to buy clothes at Walmart since all the girls clothes there are Hannah Montana.

We're total opposites. I wear anime and gothic clothes. She wears camo and torn jeans. I love horror, sci-fi, and anime movies. She loves action movies. I try to draw cartoon style which takes me over a week to do a picture. She draws realistic and cartoon style easily.


Sorry for ranting but I really needed to get this out of my system...

Laurai Laurai
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 16, 2009

She should not have done these things. Specially deleting your writing on PC. I hope things will get better.

Well since you're 18, it sounds like you may be a Senior? The great thing about being a senior is graduating and leaving the house. College is a great time to assert yourself and what you do and don't like without the crazy influence of family. While my sister is not a twin (she's 7 years older), I have similar problems with her. Even though she's older she is much less mature about, well...a lot of things. She drives me crazy...and we live together, although not for much longer. The best thing you can do, really, is ignore her. She will have something to say, something to criticize, some flaw to point out regardless - she will always try to make you feel like crap. It sucks, trust me, I you will not be able to change her, at least not right away. The best way though, is to be a model/role model for yourself - start doing things different, pursue your interests fearlessly, not worrying about what your sister is going to think/do/say.