I dont trust anyones word. I lie my self. I lie to myself. I dont know who Iam anymore I dont think I ever knew who I was. Iam always tring to be something that Im not. I dont feel good enough for anyone. I have to hide everything I dont want anyone in my life to know what Im really like. I put on a fake smile and a fake sweet sound to my voice. Its starting to become hate but if I keep on lying to myself it will even out.
halfgone halfgone
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 18, 2007

I used to lie to myself telling me that everything was okay or going to be okay. I used to lie to myself all the time about everything. And I began to believe those lies. Obviously I was lying to those around me as well since I believed my own lies. It wasn't until I figured out who I was that this all came to an end. I'm happier now. But it was a long and painful journey.<br />
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I hope yours is shorter and less painful ... it's worth it though!!! That I PROMISE you and I don't make many promises ... in fact very few if any at all...<br />
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Good luck...