I'm Tired Of This

I'm so tired of everything. I can't handle looking at my face, my body, or even other people. All I ever think about is how ugly, disgusting, and worthless I feel. I just want to change.

Let me give more detail. I am 16, in 10th grade, and I can't do anything anymore. I hate everything about myself. I have a house, heat, food, a family, and running water, and I can't even be thankful for that. Everything just returns to my self-hatred. I don't go to school anymore, because my mom took me out. All I ever do is lay in my bed, thinking about how much of a pathetic piece of trash I am. I don't talk to anyone anymore, except to pacify my parents. So tell me what you think. Am I a despicable person, or what? I'll bet you all are sickened with the fact that there is an insignificant, ugly organism like me in the world. I should just die, shouldn't I?
Hitchtheturtle77 Hitchtheturtle77
18-21, M
Nov 13, 2013