There Are a Lot of Us Out There

I think it is so easy to not like yourself rather than do and with the way we are constantly inundated with all kinds of crap about being the perfect size, how you should look, what you should wear and so forth, I have found I have tremendous respect for those people who truly do love themselves.  Uh, that wouldn't be me. I am great at self sabotage.  In reality, I am not really bad person. I mean I like to say to people when they ask me what I think about my looks, I reply,"well, at least when you look at me you don't feel like you are going to throw up."   Of course, I barely glance at myself in the mirror because I am so appalled by my appearance, but I know more of my feelings come from how extremely crappy I am feeling within than without.

Right now, I am going through a complete identity crisis. Of course, who doesn't? Come on, you can't tell me Paris Hilton and Donald Trump can't feel bad sometimes?  Anyway, I am obsessed with the fact I know I am worthy and can be and do anything and yet, I can't step off the curb yet. Misery sucks, but it is familiar.  It seems in order for me to move, get motivated, and change is for something almost terrible or extremely drastic to happen. That pattern most definitely has to stop. What's aggravating, is I have all the answers. I just won't do it.  HOW can ANYONE Like his or her self when he or she can't get inspired enough to be happy???!!!

Purpleeater Purpleeater
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1 Response Jul 13, 2007

They definitely go hand in hand. And I think the reason some people fall victim to depression and others don't pretty much hinges on how much they like themself. If you do like yourself, then even when things are really rough, you trust yourself to cope. It's an upward spiral.