And Now No Sex

Im tring to get away from my ex all he was good was for the sex but he makes my life hell tells me all sorts of nasty things makes me feel bad yet i go back for the abuse. He hasnt hit me in a long time because I dont allow myself to get that close to him but he did make a threat to my life the last time I did have contact with him. I started meeting him at public places because he was making me have sex with him just to see if he could tell I was having sex with someone else. As you can tell I didnt put up much of a fight but I should have. I am worth more than that I should be made loved to not just screwed to see if im screwing. From all the times I was abused before I just let him have his way with me and mostly its just sex and putting me down about everything. If he hates me so much why does he always call and harrass me.? I hate myself for letting him make me want to kill myself.
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26-30, F
1 Response Aug 7, 2007

Your anger and hatred is misdirected. You need to hate the abuse, dislike the abuser and nurture the person who was abused... <br />
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I suspect you KNOW this already and is what you'd tell a friend in the same position...<br />
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You'll get through this. You've already overcome so much. It's just another situation to get through. Such is life... But for whatever reason I have faith that you and your children will come out of this better than you were to begin with...<br />
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