Im All Alone

I feel so alone today I just want to crawl in bed and not come out. I put this order of protection againest my ex and now no one calls me. It use to be him that was the only one calling me. Now he doesnt call and I miss him and all the abuse that came with him.I dont know what to do with my self. Im having a bad day and my husband doesnt get off till way later. I need someone.
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26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

Sweetie you have to try to get over this ex. he was no good for you. i know its hard, as a person that gets abused herself and sikes herself to just look at the good even though the bad is more than awful you have to remember that you deserve better. you didnt need to settle for that foul treatment and you don't even need to be friends with someone who hurt you. i know its hard. i have left my abusive husband more then 10 times and i always come right back but you have more power than me. you set the wheels in motion, now just hold your ground. love your husband, love you, love your kids and that is it. in your alone time try to think of ways to make yourself better to make a better home for them. write letters to people you love. go do window shopping. start focusing on you agian. you don't need a man to complete you

I have to believe that we have 'these' kind of days so we can learn something about ourselves ... it probably doesn't make the day pass by any easier but surely there's something to be gained by being alone? There was for me, it just took me longer than the norm ot figure it out... This means I spent a LONG time alone. The sooner you figure it out, I imagine the sooner you'll be alone so much. That's how it worked in my case...<br />
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Good luck...