Too Much

I drink way too much and I hate it I just cant stop it. Writeing about it right now is makeing me feel the need to drink. Im still buzzed from last night. It takes me all day to get sober enough. I wish I could just wake up refreshed everyday,but I know thats not going to happen cause I drink every night. Im not supposed to because of DCFS but I cant help it. Every time I go to a AA meeting It makes me want to drink.
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

I know how you feel I have been there. I have now been sober for 9 months so I know it can be done!!! I couldnt do it on my own i needed to go to rehab and then live with my mom in total i was displaced for about 4 months but it was so worth it. I am now sober and I am not white knuckling it its more normal to me to be sober than to be drunk... thank god ..... it does take time and hard work but its worth it... I can handle anything sober it was a mess when i was drunk.. now sometimes i stay up late so i wake up tired the next morning but it doesnt compare to the hangovers i would have. my children are so much happier now that i dont drink and i feel peaceful. i remember i thought peace was boring was i wrong. if you need to talk i would love to help and share with you what has helped me stay on track!!

You are aware that they can and will take your children from you if you don't get your life together, right? Surely that's motivation enough to put the drink down and to dry out until they are grown at least, yes?<br />
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I hope you find it within you or find a rehab to check into so you can be a good mommy to the children who love and depend on you - so DCFS won't take them from you.<br />
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Best wishes...