Some One Must Like Me

when i look in the mirror i see a chubby middle aged mother of two girls.,worry lines from always worrying about death and losing my family.iknow this is stupid but i cant stop.i have recently given up my job as a age care nurse to sit at home an try and find out where my lifeis going.theres always negative thoughts in my head,until life gets better i will keep taking pills,hating the way i look and feel,idont like what i have become,or what these feelings are doig to me."do people always tell you bull **** to make you feel better".i dont like myself the way i am ,but i have no oomf to change ,maybe in future when mylife is maybe better ,if it will get any better.iam not a nasty person ,iwould help anyone ,but why do i not enjoy or like what god gave me.                                                 

                                                                       charity xx

charity charity
46-50, F
4 Responses Aug 22, 2007

You know what charity, i dont know if you'll agree but that chubbyness your holding on to is actually a gift of your past... The hurt and the bad times and maybe even the happy times. Your holding on it, the la<x>yers above are covering the real you inside. This is not what God gave you this is what you gave yourself. And maybe its time to give yourself a change by shedding these la<x>yers and years your holding onto. God gives you opportunities we make what we want of those...<br />
Good Luck getting the oomf :)

I like you if you read more of my stories you might find that we are alot a like. I started new meds and Im getting better.Take it one day at a time thats all we can do :)

Hi, I don't think your life is going to get any better until you DO change it.You will never be happy until you do something to change yourself or the situation you are in.Start by switching your job maybe.Work with newborns instead of dying aging people.As a nurse you can change the field you are in.My Mom was a cardiac nurse and now she is a case manager and she loves it.One good piece of advice.Get out of the house more often.Being stuck in the house is not good for your mental well being.You can make a difference in your life.You CAN do it.I hope you can make your life better for yourself.Peace,J

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