I really don't. All the things I used to enjoy, biking, swimming, skating, hiking I can't do any of it anymore because of a bad knee. I'm 23 years old on the 24th and my right knee is ruined already, how pathetic is that? I can't do the things I like anymore, I can't work and I hate every second of it. I see all my friends making plans for the year, concerts and sports, adventures they're going on and I can't do any of it. Either I can't afford it or I'm not physically capable, either way it sucks.

I hate my injury, I hate the way it's taken so much of my life away, I hate that I can't even dance to my music in my room like used to because it hurts too much.

It shouldn't be like this, at my age I'm supposed to be out having adventures, working my butt off to save up money to visit far off places and dancing my weekends away not shuffling from one doctors appointment to the next hoping someone is going to be able to fix me.
misspaperwait misspaperwait
22-25, F
Mar 12, 2015