Mutual Help Is Always Good

In our life, we always need help from others..sometimes emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial. I have gone through tough life and it has been an uphill struggle. earlier sometimes, i used to feel frustrated and discouraged, losing all hopes. But then i started enjoying it as i could learn invaluable lessons and it helped me become a better person.
In my life, i got help sometimes from no where. It was really amazing sometimes and then i could realise that God has mysterious ways to help his people.

But in a real world, people are so concerned with their own needs that even if they are in a position to help others, they don't have the heart to do it. I can remember a lady who was my neighbor and she was married to a pretty rich guy. She had a small boy working as domestic servant, must be 9-10 years old. Once i was at her place and i saw him eating his breakfast, which was....jam with bread's hard pieces. She was complaining that the boy was eating too much all the time. I really felt sorry for that little boy. I really wondered how could that lady treat the boy so inhumanly. Then after a couple of months again i went to her place and saw a lot of dry fruit on lying on her table. When i asked her, she said that she had kept a lot of dry fruit and now she found that a lot of insects eating those dry fruits and she had to throw them now. Imagine, God has not given these people a heart which is compassionate and their things were being eaten by insects.
All my sisters are happily married and well settled but none of them have ever asked me if i need any help. When my daughter was in the hostel, so
metimes when i had to ask them for help, i was humilated. Now when my daughter is earning and i am doing good business, everybody is good to me.
Many of my friends were very caring at times but they are changed with the passage of time. i really wonder how those people who loved and cared for you at some point of you life, can become total strangers
. I hardly get even a call from them. Nothimg lasts forever, perhaps.

God has been very graceful to me and i always thank him for his graciousness. He is the only one who is with us everywhere, everytime and He never leaves us in difficult times, rather gives us courage and strength to go through tough times in life. Then why should we expect from anybody else and feel hurt. But then as human beings, we do like to believe in illussions......That's life.

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Thanks for your invaluable comments and i fully agree with you that the power is within us. It depends upon us how we use it.

Life brings to us many experiences through these experiences we are tested. Sometimes an experience becomes a complete struggle while other times we can fly through it like a breeze. It should be known that how we think about getting through each experience will teach us something of value.<br />
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To remember what you were thinking about at that time of an experience you faced will always give you the answers.<br />
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I am sure if you think back on your thoughts during those tough times you will find your thoughts were similar to these, "this sucks", "I can't", "its impossible", "there's no way", and with these types of thoughts manifesting inside of you everything became more difficult to get through to acheive success.<br />
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If you were to reflect back upon what you were thinking with those experiences that came easily, you will find that your thoughts were "I can do it", I will do it", "Yes it can be done", you believed and it came true.<br />
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Many of us face the same kind of experiences, some succeed easily and some struggle through, it all stems from how we think.<br />
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I will continue here to say "thoughts create' it is the gift we are all born with. We are taught that only God creates. We all hold within us the gift of God, we all can create, therfore I believe we are all God.<br />
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To know the honesty truth about the Jesus story is to know that what he was telling the people. He was teaching that value thinking and creative thinking is the key to survival. He was telling the people they can use the Power within themselves, to overcome any adverse challenges they face, and you are the only one who can make the changes. He was telling the people do not listen to these leaders, listen from within "You". These leaders had control over the people, telling them the Gods (clouds, mountains, rock, etc.) was the guidence to live by. These leaders discovered if confusion were set in place within the minds of the masses, these leaders would have full control over all poeple. When one individual stood up to speak out, we all know how that story ended.<br />
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The words I speak here is not what I have learned through any religion sector, it is what I have learned through a Powerful connection made in thought, from a Powerful Intellectual Energy Source of the Universe. We all have the ability to connect with this powerful source, when you open the mind and listen carefully to the "Whispering Words of Wisdom" they are always there to help you.