I'm Not Racist

lots of ppl assume if you don't like Obama you must be a racist.  Well I'm not.  I just don't like him.  well that's not true.  As a person in general I'm sure he's nice, but lots of things were a bit shady.  I didn't like his associations with ppl like rev wright or that terrorist fellow in Il.  That guy and I know someone will butcher this bc I can't even remember his name.  He and his little group of followers are responsible for bombings that killed innocent americans in the 70's I believe.  This man doesn't deny or apologize for that.  He only isn't in prison bc of something silly...I think it was illegal wiretaps or something.  And Barrack was very friendly with him, then claimed he barely knew him.  He had dinner at the man's home.  The man help raise money and awarness for  Barrack's campaign when he was running for senate.  The were on the same board of directors of some school or something.  Yet he doesn't really know him.  Just like he sat in rev wright's church for 20 yrs and never ever heard him say things like that before.  a Subject so passionate to rev wright that he went on tv to defend himself for and he never mentioned it in church before.  Should we be overseas ...maybe maybe not.  the point is that we are there and pullingout should be handled delicately.  I'm terrified he'll pull us out too soon and we'll end up right back where we started. Furthermore....he strikes me as the type who thinks he's gonna talk to our enemies and say hey mr terrorist man plz don't kill us.  and then we're all dead!!   terrorists don't listen  to  reason that's why they're called terrorists!  But I'm just venting.  I hope that he does well.  I really really do.  I don't think that will be the case, but I hope he does well.

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There was a clip from a speech he made that I saw like a thousand times that said something to the effect of--keeping ppl out of the ER that have minor illnesses such as asthma---That's not a quote...but it made it sound like it was no big deal....My son has asthma and I've been directed by his primary physican that if certian things happen he needs to go directly to the ER. I don't veiw asthma as a minor illness at all. But that's just one more annoying thing that bothered me about him.

When I found out about his preacher, I knew he was trouble. The media hid things about him that should've been brought to the ppl but they didn't want to be accused of being racist, so they kept quiet, now h'es in and we have to suffer for it. I said, maybe he will do so good~then he closed Gitmo. Now, he wants to let the terrorists being held there go. He is putting us deeper in debt for a quick fix and he ordered loopholes for the corps to pay bonuses to employees (for he own benefit of course) and denied it that's just the start. Yep, I'm white- not a racist, but I can't stand this man he is no president to me he is a wolf in sheep's clothing and he is one of them. He will ruin the US and we will all suffer for it. I pray he does something impeachable! Cause we can't handle four full years of his rule.