Since I Was A Kid

as long as i can remember I didn't like odd numbers. It sounds stupid but when i was a kid I just figured that everything should be equal - have a partner. so that has always stuck with me. everything whenever possible has to be even. anything - when i cut food - pets - anything i am eating - the volume on the TV (it goes by numbers).  messed up.  i know this.
 okay so maybe even a bit of COD in there??  great !  something else to add to my list of freakin' things wrong with me.
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until now i belived i was the only one, i so hat odd numbers, it only makes things more difficult, the only number i like is 5 because it's in the middle, well now i'm not alone

Yes ,I Like even too.<br />
But after growing up,Now I'm keen on the number 7,because many times I read in the books that said the number 7 stands for and destiny.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
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whenever i have to pick a number its usually 8. sometimes

The only odd number I've ever been okay with is 5, but that's only because it's right between 1 and 10. I'm very much the same way; even when I'm playing facebook games or something silly like that, I can't let my money, acorns (Enchanted Gardens), or anything else stay on an odd number. And if I can help it, even better if it's multiples of ten...

uggh, me too.. kinda. i just hate numbers that dont make sense to me. the volume on the tv cant be 12, its either at 10 or 15! i hate decimals! if you have 9 fingers, i cant talk to you!.. haha, joking.

I second BonnieBelle!

I have to agree with that.. odd numbers are just ODD.. that's why they are called odd... Most thing in the world are even or in pairs.. <br />
<br />
Even signifies stability, balance, and proper<br />
<br />
Try going to a party all by yourself .. it feels .. yuk

me too!

yes i do that same thing....