Opera Music

                                      i like any kind of music but- i dont like opera music. there is just something about it! my mom used to walk around the house singing it and it made me freak of course i never did tell her but i can not stand it!!!

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Most operas start off with a delightful instrumental prelude. Then come the shrill soprano arias that might sound like a flustered piglet, and deep tenor solos that can sound like a bellowing bull. :-/ With endurance, we get to an instrumental conclusion. I enjoy classical music enormously, but opera is a bit too much for me.

Thanks to both of you -love ya!

Now me? I LOVE opera music. I dated a soprano - we went to so many plays, etc. It really opened my life up to some really different and beautiful music. <br />
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But I agree - you either like it or hate it. But there are some real good operas out there ... =]

hey Flour, it's never been a thing for me either. The lady Sopranos make my toe nails curl! Ugh! It's awful