I Don't Get It - People!!!!

Last year Oprah earned a cool one-quarter of a Billion dollars.  That much I do know.  However, I have no idea why. 
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I wouldn't try to convince you otherwise. If you like her, fine. You're certainly not alone. But I wonder what makes her the most highly paid woman in America. She doesn't have any talent I'm aware of. Her shtick is rehashed twaddle that goes back to Donahue, Rivera, and Springer. But mostly it's the egotism I find so revolting.

Oh yeah! Where are you now, Mr. Oprahbasher???

And I ignored the Jerry Springer comparison. When was the last time you watched either of these shows?<br />
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***I've been home with a sick one all day...Mr. Lilt is working late...I'm up for any battle, at this point ;)

I am not confused, in any way about this.<br />
And you shall never convince me otherwise.<br />
Oprah's ego can be as big as her butt, I don't care.<br />
She's a successful businesswoman and uses her clout to bring ideas to other people. What is wrong with that?

Lilt: You are confusing revolting narcissism and hubris with confidence - in fact these concepts are almost antithetical.

i like oprah. she seems intelligent enough and she helps those in need (probably why other people like her, and hence why she makes so much mulla)....

I am indifferent to her in almost all regards. Caveat: When she yells; "coooooooooomme ooooooooooon peeeeeeeople!"... I want to give her a forearm shiver. <br />
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Secondly: I watched an episode recently with this Dr. Oz character. He is a brave dude. He removed Harpo's shoe to expose her hoof. I ask the FCC to fine her for such disgusting behavior. <br />
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Kidding Harpo fans...she is okay. :)

Pffft. Oprah is great. <br />
You see a chubby blowhard spewing ego.<br />
I see her as confident woman.

Sorry to hijack your story ElLagarto.<br />
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To me it all goes to her appeal. The few shows I've seen she appears more to play to the audience ... like Springer (didn't like him either). She seemed condescending.<br />
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As I said, she's not my cup of tea.

We've ended up focusing on Oprah's philanthropy - which I'm sure would delight her! However, the point of the original post was - I just do not get her appeal. To me she's merely another blowhard with a dreadful chat show where people make fools of themselves - a chubby Jerry Springer. She hops on the latest trend and makes it look like she had something to do with it.

I agree with Josie, 100%. Oprah may be generous with her money but there is a smack of "look at me, I'm such a good person" attached to her gestures. <br />
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There are a lot of philanthropists out there who give a lot of themselves, financially and personally, but they have the grace to keep it all mum.

I don't like anyone who doesn't give at least 10% of their salary to me. I'm still having a hard time collecting from certain people.<br />
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Pay up, folks!!!

I've only seen her a half a dozen times over the years. I didn't get that in to her show. There have been others I liked better ... my favorite was Dina Shore, but that's really old, or Rachel Ray or Regis and Kelly. A quirk in me I guess, but Oprah doesn't click with me.<br />
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I see philanthropy as 'anonymous' when carried out by individuals. The Make A Wish Foundation and other organizations are wonderful and deserve the PR. It's just for me, individuals shouldn't.<br />
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But to each their own. It's what makes the world go round.

Marji & LHTS - It's nice you want to believe, if you do, go ahead. But in my mind, true generosity does not call attention to itself. With Oprah there is no separating the public persona from the private one, in other words, she IS her image. Her effusive actions - some quite grotesque in their extreme nature - are designed to impress herself first, her devoted fans and advertisers second. Whether or not they do good runs a distant third - the African school, you may recall, was an embarrassing fiasco.

You have a point there Josie. While I occasionally watch her show, if I'm home and channel surfing, I wonder if she is bragging or being humble, with all the good things, she does do.

Right on, Josie. Of course, she isn't the first philanthropist to play that game. My old boss, Walter Annenberg, donated millions to various nice causes, but always made sure his name was plastered all over the place. (He was trying to deal with guilt, and pay his way into heaven.)

I like her philanthropy. However, I do not like all the hype and the PR she must attach to it. To me it makes it more about 'HER' that the people she is actually helping.

She gives away cars - etc. - because PR stunts help her maintain her bloated image.<br />
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Who else would publish her own magazine, named after her, with a picture of her on the cover every month?<br />
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Precisely what does she do that's important?

Poor Girl...Makes Good and shares the wealth!

She doesn't offend me, really. I was just kidding. She inspires a lot of people. I don't happen to be one of them.

Oprah gives away cars because she can.<br />
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Why does she offend you?

She gives away cars so people will like her. Also, she's the antichrist.

It's the appeal I don't get.