Oprah Is the Antichrist

The women who follow her are just plain out crazy. She is the uppity version of Jerry Springer. I am writing this not because I really give a **** about her...I just need some extra points to send someone a gift. So if I offended your life's mascot I am truly sorry. But if she was shot by tom cruise I would not be overly saddened.

Jamcojay Jamcojay
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6 Responses Jul 19, 2007

Hmm, the pumping gas thing may be because of where she lives- in some states you aren't allowed to pump your own gas, an attendant has to do it for you. But still, I see your point.

ROFLMAO! This is hilarious! Love it! Oprah is fine with me, but I do believe that both sides of the argument are valid. She would be an interesting person to have as a friend. I was fascinated when a coworker of mine told me he was DVRing her cross-country trip, and on the show, she admitted that did not know how to pump gas. She said she had not pumped gas since the early eighties. I am puzzled and intrigued by how someone could be so out of touch but still be so highly revered. At the end of the day, I believe the world is a better place with Oprah in it than not.


Ouch! Celainn! I'm busted! Hey, I'm not above taking a cheap shot now and then, while I'm working on the next good one. They can't all be Ferraris you know. Jamcojay is on point - Oprah is a marketing genius - and she seems to have her following under some sort of spell. She jumps on whatever is hot and sells it. However, considering the state of publishing today - I do appreciate what she's doing to promote literacy in this country - which is going the way of spats.

Well you know I had to respond, Do you honestly believe she is the idealist behind the programs she promotes? She is a marketing guru. Her company is pitched with millions of products every year because she has a hand of gold. Her followers would buy Goats **** and drink it by the gallons if she said it makes you lose weight. She has nothing to do with the inventions of the products. just has the right people to tell her what she can successfully put her name on. She has found a niche in the systems and has a bunch of dummies who follow her, am I jealous sure I am wish I had thunk of it.

Despite the rough language and threats of violence - this entry represents EP conceptual art of the highest order because the author admitted the only reason he wrote it was to score points for a virtual gift. Wouldn't it have been easier to start a discussion - "I Wrote A Bogus Post To Get Points For A Virtual Gift?" As to Oprah - if you or I made $250,000,000 every year, we'd probably manage to do some good too. In fairness, her book program is wonderful. Also, she makes a big impression wherever she sits.