What's Her Motive?

I think Oprah does a lot of good things, like all the aide she's given in Africa... but like someone else here said before me, she does it so publicly. People like Angelina Jolie go and give foreign aide among other things, but I really think Jolie does it out of compassion, whereas Oprah just wants to feed her public image of infallibility. This may sound silly, but it bothers me that she is always the one on the front cover of her magazine (which my mom has a subscription to). I remember flipping through it one time and found an interview with a man who had written a book supporting women's choice to return to traditional gender roles. The interviewer could barely hold off from attacking the poor guy, and he was flustered!
ALSO... and this REALLY irked me... I was browsing through the religion section of Barnes and Noble... guess what I saw? It was a book about Oprah's way of life. IN THE RELIGION SECTION. Not a self-help book written by Oprah. Apparently she's got enough hold over so many women that she's able to successfully start her own cult. I find it sick that people follow her like a deity. She's a talk show host, for crying out loud!
Christabel Christabel
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I do not subscribe to the "church of Oprah". People follow her like mindless sheep, its repulsive.<br />
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Who's to say she isn't evil? Oh how I blaspheme!<br />
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The only nut job who is worse (here comes Pandora's box) is Ellen. She also has unnatual sway. It seems either of them could say virtually anything and their oh so dedicated fan base would follow them right into a conflagration. She (either one) IS NOT YOUR FRIEND...no matter what you think (you referring to the collective "you" vice the individual "you")<br />
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We have a large, neurotic group who is looking for belonging and friendship in this world, and this is the best they can muster...religiously (and I use that word VERY intentionally) following a TV personality who's bottom line is to make ratings to earn money. Neither Ellen nor Oprah does their "wonderful" show for free, and if they are publically or privately donating millions I would bet they are pocketing billions.<br />
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If you are a follower...I pity you. Let me know how the Kool Aid tastes, as I will not be drinking it.<br />
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Does this make me an eliteist? If so I am not, I say again NOT, sorry. I am a true optimist when it comes to the nature of mankind...but alas, most of mankind is stupid.<br />
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I realize that this post will likely place me at the head of the "most dispised" list; and could very likely result in death threats from both or either of these "ladies" cults...ah such is the paradise we live in.

AND if she were evil she has the potential to lead and manipulate people like HITLER now THAT is scary

Yeah, it is ironic... I'll bet that Oprah hasn't been through half the stuff that normal people go through. And if she has, she probably has a damn good therapist to brainwash her into thinking she got through it herself.

With oprah I have noticed that it doesn't matter what the situation is or how bad it is, she has been through it too!!! How ironic

Could you imagine seeing Jerry Springer in the religious section??!! =O " How To Get To H3ll, In 5 Minutes Or Less!" heheheee