Dead End...

I'm very stubborn and have a rebellious side. That's because growing up, I wasn't allowed to be (or dared to try) rebellious. So, I guess that now I am adult, that part of me has been let loose! =p

It's not a good idea to command me to do something. Or insist that I think of things in the way that you do. The best approach to me is to suggest something and then quickly back away, give me room to choose. If it's of sound advice, I'll pick it up, don't worry. But give me the right to choose. And even if I don't pick it up, right away, give me time to circle it and sniff it out. I'll get there, eventually. :-)

Otherwise if you push too hard and shove things at me, watch me do the opposite on purpose, just to **** you off! XD

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I can sympathise completely.

Oh yeah, don't back me into any corners.

hey i was rebellious and still am sometimes!