I Think It's Greedy.

especially in this economy, there are so many people that can't find work, that have families to feed and might be able to have a job if it weren't for those that have a position but don't really need it. i think the work should go first to those that need it the most. there's plenty of volunteer work for those that want to be productive but don't necessarily need the paycheck.
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@sexysable: good point. the woman i had in mind for this story, she didn't take the job seriously, wouldn't lift a finger to help anyone except for the co worker that she had the hots for and did nothing but sit on her fat butt and complain about everything, the condition of the building, the way management runs the place, etc. i couldn never understand why someone so unhappy and didn't need the money was doing there at all. just being greedy, that was her motivation.

@ sexysable: thank you. she was a greedy cow, collecting a paycheck that she didn't need. it's been 15 months and she's still not working. how many people do you know that could go that long without having to work?? i don't know any personally. this is a person that didn't even join the workforce until she was in her late 30's. at that age i had been working for 20 years. i hope people like that truly appreciate the blessings they've been given.

@ conflicted: the person that i had in mind when i wrote this story, she was fired from the job back in january and has yet to get another job, she can afford not to work. how many of us can say the same, no job for over 9 months? must be nice indeed! thanks for your comment and for seeing that this behavior is greedy.

sounds like a greedy person to me, the one that you wrote this story about. as a working class person myself, i agree with what you have said.

the person i had in mind for this story isn't married and has enough money to sustain them should they choose not to work and has a pretty fulfilling life also. don't ***** and gripe about working when you have the choice of not being their at all. us regular joes don't have that choice and we're really not trying to hear that, you know? and i too have known many capable people that seem allergic to work.

i don't care for those milking the system any more than i care for those that work when, by their own admission, they don't need the pay. both types are greedy to me. i think it's kind of shameful when one is sitting around wearing diamonds, big diamonds, and collecting a paycheck that will merely be tossed into a bank account like i toss spare change into a piggy bank.

well good for you. personally, i would give a job to a parent that has kids to support before i'd give it to some old rich ***** that has family money and is looking for ways to fill up her boring life. i find that people who work because they have no other choice are going to do the better job simply because that paycheck means something to them other than just stashing it away in a bank vault along with their other riches. so glad to have left you speechless and amazed, dear :)

Wow! How judgemental can you get. This is truly amazing and is leaving me speechless. Wow! <br />
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There are plenty of people who quit looking for work once they find a job and as an employer, I would far prefer someone who does not have to work, but does and does a good job over a lazy one who is there only because they need a paycheck.

how do you know that they will do the better job over the person that really needs a paycheck? i would think that someone that didn't need to work, was already financially secure, might not take the job and the work as seriously as the person who has to work because there is no other choice.

yes, the job should go to those that have a real need for a paycheck and not to those just looking for something to do to fill their time. i thought that's what doing volunteer work was all about, for one. if i was that fortunate to not have to work, i wouldn't and i would feel bad about taking a paycheck from someone that really needs it.

i agree. these days the work should be for the needy first and foremost.