Wow! Talk About Intolerant

Where do you draw the line to say who has to work and who does not have to work?  The single parent who wants to buy her fifteen year old a car for her next birthday?  The couple who are trying to save money for their children to go to college?  The struggling family who buys their son two hundred dollar basketball shoes?  The man on welfare, living in the projects, getting food stamps for the past twenty years who works just enough odd jobs to stay in that situation while buying an hd tv?  The multimillion dollar basketball player?  The person who went to college and earned several degrees and now wants to put the education to good use?  The single mother of six who gets fertilization treatments to have septuplets?  The forty five year old woman who stayed home with her children and now wants to pursue her interests and further her career?  What if she is fifty? Thirty?  The sixty year old woman who is a veteran teacher but her husband has died and her children have moved on and she does not want to live off of her savings and is one of the best teachers your child has ever had? 
Who gets to be the great and powerful Oz to decide who gets to work and who does not?
I work hard for my money and I live paycheck to paycheck and I do without a lot of material things but what if I do not have children?  Do I NEED to work?
There are people who "hate intolerance" and yet are judgemental and intolerant.  They tell me I MUST be tolerant of homosexuals (which I am), I MUST  be tolerant of Muslims (which I am) but I should not be tolerant of fat people (which I am tolerant of), I should not be tolerant of smokers (which I am tolerant of), I should not be tolerant of those who choose to write about erotic things of which they do not agree.  So, who is intolerant...?  Just sayin'
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36-40, F
Jul 21, 2010