People Don't Know What They Don't Know.

I often have ideas that people do not understand. The problem is generally their own ignorance. It is hard to calibrate ideas for stupid people. I am actually brilliant. I don't see why people have to be so closed minded and small.

One example just the other day I told someone their car didn't have a carburetor. The girl made some stupid comment about the thing running on magic. I explained that by the late 90s pretty much every car was fuel injected instead. I liked the way she said "Oh." like she had just realized how stupid she was but it happens all the time and I just start to hate people because they don't know how detrimental their stupidity is to the world around them.

By the way. Don't vote if you are that dumb. Why do I need the ignorant masses not only cancelling out my vote but drowning the intelligent signal of my opinions in the noise of their frantic stupidity? That's not good for anyone. I do notice though the Democrats really push that "everyone should vote" crap. That is good for them because people who don't pay attention in politics often blame republicans for every bad thing. We are four years into a ****** economy where the President has done nothing to help and people still blame Bush like we never had a recession before 2000.

That is dumb because if you look at the business cycle we were due a recession but that should only have lasted a year. Instead we have had a four year depression and are teetering on the edge of another one. People have been worried about a double dip recession but when the Obama Legacy is written it will be a double dip depression.
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You know what a bell curve is... You're at the extreme right end :-)