one of my pet peeves. is it really too ******* hard to throw on some pants, a skirt some shorts before you go in public?! please...

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On a different vein, I heard that in large asian cities, wearing pajamas is a status symbol. If you wear your PJs it shows that you have an apartment inside the city, and are better off than those that have to commute to the city every day. Weird eh.

There is a time and place for pjs I think...<br />
I just wish they would make clothes that are as comfy as pjs for outside wear in public. Ooooh so comfy.

This was a pet peeve with me too. I hated to see the girls get on my school bus wearing pajama bottoms. It seemed lazy to me, how could they learn anything in school if they can't even work up the energy to get dressed in the morning! Until the girls all started to wear them on the same day. Hundreds of different brightly colored, crazy patterns greeted us on the school grounds as the bus pulled into campus. What a cheerful sight! This was a few years ago, they don't do it any more. I miss the spectacle!

what if you're a narcoleptic? would that make it permissable?

i really don't know why it annoys me so much. i was also taught to make yourself look nice before going in public. i guess it just seems so apathetic and makes me think people didn't even take the time to wipe out the eye boogs or put on deoderant. dirty...( and not in a good way)

Actually, Tulick my dear friend I would have to agree with DeadlyCupcake on this one...not to be adversarial; it just kinda gets on my nerves too. LOL I don't know about DC, but for me I guess it just goes back to a basic principle I was taught as a child--that you make yourself presentable before you go out in public. Of course, times do change...but it still kinda goes against my grain some. :D :D

why do you care your not being forced to wear them