I Hate People That Pick On Some

i was pick on in school because i was big or i was week or some other **** this **** went on my first grade through my forth grade than i got sick of it so i step up and i took some names and i kick some *** i think if your pick on bet the hell out of u bully if that dont stop it punch him in the throat i promise right there he will quite and stand up say any one else that want a damn good *** kicking
bigcountryboy bigcountryboy
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I know how it feels being picked on, my brother killed himself almost 9 years ago and i did not know him because my mother kept me away from him so i lost the plot loosing my closest relative whom i basically did not know.
I had 3 months of school and when i went back people kept saying to me hows it hanging, your brothers fav band was slipknot due to the circumstances that he died. I retaliated because i had had enough and got kicked out of school even tho it wasnt my fault. I thought back after suffering bullying at primary school everyday and having no one about to help me. when i thought back i held someone by the throat against one of the buildings and did not stop punching him until his noes was flat and he went blue in the face, I admit i should not of gone that far but they did not realize how badly it affected me and how unstable i was which any normal person would understand. and the bully after that did not pick on me again.

**** im sorry for that and ik how he felt because i was thinkin bput killin my self i try so many time i try od on pills and evey thing bud