Bullies? Um.. No...

Why would you even want to bully someone? It's wrong and it's stupid.. But there are always 2 sides to a bully.. The side they bully with and the side that they actually have feelings with..

When bullies pick on someone we all see that they are just bullies and that they need to be stopped.. But does anyone actually get down into why a bully bullies someone? Usually its because the world is bullying them.. And the only way for them to feel big is by picking on someone else.. It gives them their satisfaction to see someone else in pain.. Though it is very wrong to bully i also don't see it ever stopping.. People have opinions on things and those opinions are going to stand out if you stop it or not..
HeartAndWings HeartAndWings
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I understand that feeling of being small and insignificant, and wanting to lash out at the world by bullying a weaker part of the world. But to me, it still doesn't excuse the fact that bullies are destroying innocent others. The act of bullying can only bring temporary satisfaction, which is not worth the destruction done to others.
I wanna go up to bullies and slap them out of their wrong way of thinking.