I hated school. I was diagnosed with ADHD an dislexia as a toddler. I wet my bed everynite an never stopped. I also sucked my thumb which I could never seem to stop either. I was taunted in school an called tadcrybaby cuase every kid in school knew i wet my bed an was caught suckin my thumb several times. I hated going to school every day wondering what was gonna happen to me each day. In my sophmore year our school did a major construction project addin a new wing an a swimming pool. I wasnt good at most sports an had no interest in most but i did like swimming an havin a swimmers build I decieded to try out for the swim team. I was very good at breast stroke an became the best one at that particular stroke on the team. I loved bein on the swimming team cause i also loved guys in speedos an wearing one. I generaly got along with most of the guys on the team but there was a couple of guys who were jelous of the fact that I was better than them. After practice one day i walked into the locker room to change out of my wet speedo an the 2 of them were standin there with 2 other friends who werent even on the team. One of them had a pair of scissors in their hand. As soon as I realized what they were about to do I turned to run out of the room but was blocked by one of them. they pushed me to the floor an the next thing i knew they were takin my speedo down an started cuttin my pubic hair with the scissors. they started callin me ****** an bedwetter an tadcrybaby an yelllin that i didnt belong on the boys team an i should join the girls team. by the time it was over i had several cuts on my groin an was bleading. I was cryin an they finaly let me up an they left. By the time the coach walked in I had already taken a shower an started to get dressed. He knew what happened but never said a word to me. I left the team an never said anything to anyone -Tad
shamedbedwetter shamedbedwetter
56-60, M
Jan 23, 2013