Might As Well

Those that make fun of other people are most likely insecure of themselves. People that are truly self-confident do not go about insulting or harassing others. Even if I were to disagree with someone's lifestyle, I would not start insulting them. I would only insult them if they were to insult me. Everyone has been insulted once before, and everyone knows how it feels to be insulted. You should not cause unwanted pain in others. Also, you might never know when you will be needing other people's help in the near future, so you should do your best to get along with them now.
kawaiifishy kawaiifishy
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1 Response Apr 28, 2011

Hm, I really like what you said about the soul. I've never thought about it in that way before but now I completely understand. It gives more meaning to a lot of other things, too. I don't see people as males, females, etc., but as individuals. I think this is how people should view themselves as well. Words to live by.