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This regular at White Castle where I work really pissed me off and made me feel ick. He asked me what my rainbow dog tag necklace meant and what my blue, purple and pink dog tag necklace meant. I said the rainbow one was for diversity and the other one was for men, women and everything in between. He connected the dots. He went on ranting that man created equality laws for African Americans and Native Americans (and no one else). That all men are equal, but gay people throw it in your face their sexuality and they try to convert people into being gay. He doesn't believe it when someone who is married suddenly "decides" that they are gay. He also told me that people shouldn't know one's "persuassion" by looking at them like one know's one's race. I couldn't say nothing... he trapped me. I felt he was attacking my character. This was even after he asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said that I never did and then, he asked me if I had a girlfriend and I said no to that too. People upset me sometimes....
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how about telling him that maybe his wife or gf went off with a lesbian/gay thats why he makes fun of them..he cant accept the truth that he was beaten by those kind of people..these people who are more sensitive and open minded..not people like him who are narrow minded and homophobic..

The manager should have come out and told him to take his meds and then eff off.

I can imagine how shallow those people are. They just want attention because they can't get their system out, and they hated being stereotyped. <br />
As long as you don't step over your borderline, just like POS said, don't fret about the foolish.

Don't fret about the foolish.