How Could I?

I have a gay brother that fights for this country! Hes in the army! Hes only 3 years older then me! We were in school together! I was there when people were mean! When peole would beat him up! I couldnt stand it! I love my brother more then anything! And then there is my sister who is a ******** in Nevda! She is a lesbian. And she is a great ********! Like the best and she loves her job! But my favorit brother.. well she now my sister but what ever... She was a male now she a female! Well She 5 years older then me and were like sin when were together! I mean I cant stand when I am in class and someone says that gays shouldnt be let in the Army! That they do more harm then good! I just want to hit them cuase my brother is GREAT! And then I thank about what my sisters have been through! I cant always stop from getting mad! I have and will do everything in my power to defend them! They are my rock! I dont knwo what I would do with out them! I mean I like females more then males but I maybe confussed! I dont knwo! I am happy with who I am. And I know that no matter what I will have my brothers and sisters there for me! Given I have 13 brothers and 11 sisters! I love them almost all the same! But I always know that if push comes to shove I am never alone!!!!
Geinger Geinger
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 25, 2011

Have you told them how you feel? Bless you! tiny closet

Yes! I have they know!