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How Could I?

I have a gay brother that fights for this country! Hes in the army! Hes only 3 years older then me! We were in school together! I was there when people were mean! When peole would beat him up! I couldnt stand it! I love my brother more then anything! And then there is my sister who is a ******** in Nevda! She is a lesbian. And she is a great ********! Like the best and she loves her job! But my favorit brother.. well she now my sister but what ever... She was a male now she a female! Well She 5 years older then me and were like sin when were together! I mean I cant stand when I am in class and someone says that gays shouldnt be let in the Army! That they do more harm then good! I just want to hit them cuase my brother is GREAT! And then I thank about what my sisters have been through! I cant always stop from getting mad! I have and will do everything in my power to defend them! They are my rock! I dont knwo what I would do with out them! I mean I like females more then males but I maybe confussed! I dont knwo! I am happy with who I am. And I know that no matter what I will have my brothers and sisters there for me! Given I have 13 brothers and 11 sisters! I love them almost all the same! But I always know that if push comes to shove I am never alone!!!!
Geinger Geinger 16-17, F 2 Responses Nov 25, 2011

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ALL RIGHT GOOD FOR YOU!the next time somebody say something about gays in the military why don't you taake them aside and tell them about your that hes gay and serves in the military and you really didnt like what they said.good luck to you..

Have you told them how you feel? Bless you! tiny closet

Yes! I have they know!