How Could You Like Someone Like That?

In my school that is all people do and make fun amd throw it around like tis nothing. It is insulting and hurtful when someone is trying their best to fit in and they really are gay or lesbian and people just throw around the words. thinking its funny when its not. Its just plain aggravating! Everyone should be able to feel the way they want look at interracial relationships? back awhile ago that was frowned upon but look at where we are now today? It isnt like that anymore and people need to be more accepting because people can change who they are. It just doesnt work that way. the other day in my catholic school kids were having a debate about what was worse being aithiest or lesbian? i was like really? how can you even compare the two? just so stupid people know it IS NOT ILLEGAL TO BE DIFFERENT!
sorry bout the rant this kinda stuff gets me going :/
PerfectRainbows PerfectRainbows
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2012