I Don't Get It

It is so annoying! I feel like I am constantly around people that make gay jokes non stop. To be fair, I can be quite rude and crude, but I never take it to a point where I could actually hurt someone. I know its kind of the cool thing right now, but after like the fifth gay joke in about two minutes, you just look like a total idiot. I don't even see how they are funny or how they actually apply to anything. And it seems like everyone but me is laughing at them. Our Christmas family reunion was just a headache because of this. Two of my cousins were just constantly making these jokes and I thought I was going to lose it. They are so mean and disrespectful, I can't imagine talking about people like this. I mean, my best friend is Italian and I'm always making Italian jokes, but I say them to her, and she thinks their funny (but don't worry she makes fun of me too). So its one thing to joke with a friend that's gay, but when your just throwing them out there for no reason, not knowing whose listening, I can't even explain how obnoxious that is. What if there was a little kid nearby that heard you, and they were struggling with the fact that their gay? You just made it that much harder. Yes their only jokes, but they turn into something else when the joke is about something that could truly hurt someone, especially a child. Its seems like people are always saying things without knowing or caring about what the consequences might be. I will never understand it.
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1 Response Mar 21, 2012

In all my years thus far I've come to one conclusion about what people think. No matter what you say, someone is always offended. <br />
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I am "BI" but you know what, makes all the jokes you wish, the only time I might take offense is if those words will cause me direct harm.